Using The Cloud To Crunch Our Social Data

They’ve got to figure out how to monetize all of our tweets, likes and check-ins somehow.

…the team managed to perform “subgraph pattern-matching queries” on real-world social network data with more than 750 million “edges,” or connections between individuals, in less than a second. … If you’ve ever looked at the Twitter follower graph of a high-profile user …try to imagine the complexity of that network when you move down a level and look at all the users who follow each one of that super-user’s followers, and then move another level down and look at all those followers, and so on.

via Finding Patterns in Social Data a Big Problem — the Cloud Can Help.

Twitter & The Power of Limbic Resonance

I’ve definitely felt this in effect recently while being entertained by the World Cup and felt it even more deeply during tragedies such as the Haiti earthquake. Limbic resonance suggest that the meaning of an object is not just made up of our own interpretation of that object but in part what other people thinkContinue Reading

Google Enhances Social Search

Google is expanding what they include in your social search results based upon sites in your connected sites tab in Google Buzz. Unfortunately for me it won’t pull in my Twitter social graph because I haven’t enabled Twitter in Buzz. Most Buzzers aren’t fond of other users pulling their tweets into buzz as they thinkContinue Reading

Social Networking Releases Trust/Generosity Chemicals In The Brain

Neuroeconomist Paul Zak has discovered, for the first time, that social networking triggers the release of the generosity-trust chemical in our brains. And that should be a wake-up call for every company. via Doctor Love | Fast Company.Continue Reading

Why Google Might Not Care So Much If Facebook Has More Pageviews

This morning while doing my obligatory email and Facebook check, I noticed that Google was advertising Chrome on Facebook. This got me to thinking: With all the talk about Facebook bettering Google in such statistics as page views and time on site, there is a reason why this might not be something for Google toContinue Reading

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